Hi there. I'm that person that does those things on the other pages of this site. As you've no doubt gathered, I do illustrations - specifically ones with more of a fantasy theme. Many of the images created on this site were done for work and I rarely make the time for personal projects these days. Shame. On. ME. Anyway, while I enjoy doing semi-realistic type portraiture, I'm always venturing out and trying new things. I don't feel as though I've found my "style" and I consider myself to be a work in progress.

In addition to digital painting I like to play around with other creative mediums too. Actually you may have come to this page through my photography site. A few of my other endeavors include cake decorating, crafts, sculpy figures, makeup, cat yodeling, swashbuckling, and interpretive dance. Also, I never lie about anything.

Of course this is the "personal" section of the site so I'm sure you want to know the really intimate stuff about me. To access that section of the site you need to be 18+ and have a credit card ready. Har. Har. Just kidding, mom. Honestly, there isn't too much to say that most people would find interesting. I'm a crazy cat lady, a vegetarian, a lefty, and a game junkie. I play World of Warcraft (for the Horde!) and L4D at the moment. Oh yeah.. another one of my hobbies is making silly emoticons to use on my forums. I have a set I made for both WoW and TF2 because I'm pretty much a nerd. You can email me if you want.