My Stuff
WowJutsu : WowJutsu is a WoW guild ranking site that I work on in my spare time.
Autofocus : This is where my photography showcase is.
Deviantart : Where you'll find the largest collection of my work (new and old, good and bad) in one place.
Old Gallery : A number of pieces haven't made their way into my new layout because I feel they're dated or not particularly good. It's still online for those people that are looking for it though.

Forums I Visit
4UM : Wonderful forum for people of all creative backgrounds. Many of my closest friends frequent the 4UM.
Ludicrous Speed : My WoW guild's forum. It's members only but I can tell you that you're missing on out lots of homoesexual innuendo, lolcats, and nerd rage.

Friends & Acquaintances
Alex : Incredible designer and a good friend of mine for many years. Everyone should email him and tell him to paint more because he's really good at that too.
Lina : This is a girl you'd love to hate because she's amazing at everything, but she's so charming and sweet that you have to love her instead.
zzy : I'd totally go gay for this guy if I had a weiner. His eyelashes are prettier than yours and we reside in the world of Procrastinatia together.
Zanadoll : Zana is goofy in all the best possible ways and she's also one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met. Check out her badass crafts.
Geckzilla : Judy paints so many leaves, bumps, blossoms, and twigs that it'll make your brain hurt (in a good way). Her environments and reptilian critters are worth admiring.
*** This section is incomplete. I know way too many awesome people and I need time to gather them all up!

Things I Like
PostSecret : Updated every Sunday with new secrets mailed in anonymously on a handmade postcard.
tastespotting : I enjoy cooking and this site is a great inspiration for meal ideas.
Myoats : Incredibly addicting way to create beautiful designs.
The Perry Bible Fellowship : This guy is a comic genius. Definitely one of my favorite online comics.

Fantasy Flight Games : One of my employers and creators of several TCGs.
dori-stock : Source of the image which I modified my background texture from.

Link To Me